Second learning reflection

From this second session, I have got the opportunity to learn a lot about OER . With the video of David Wiley i have realised that the permission to reuse, remix, revise and redistribute open educational resources will no doubt enhance the quality of education and make it accessible to a larger number of people.Everybody should have the right to get free access to educational resources . This will be real democratization of education.

Concerning the video of Eben Moglen and Lawrence Lessig, I came across the question “Is it right for educators to apply the word “theft” to reusing ideas to further learning” ,and i believe it is totally wrong to call teachers “thieves” because as educators we are only using open educational resources for a noble cause that is to impart knowledge to our students and make it easier for them to get access to education. It is not stealing but it is sharing because what we have put on the web will later be used by other educators and it is an on going process. As an educator i usually use open educational resources to consolidate my teaching with new case studies and new ideas. I think educators and learners should feel free to build on the ideas of others as long as they are not doing plagiarism but to use the ideas to have a model and create something new. There should be freedom to encourage creativity.

I also got the opportunity to think about a barrier associated with OER in my institution where teachers are not used to new technologies and are still sticking to their traditional methods and textbooks to teach. I have been able to ponder on an opportunity that is to give them the chance to follow courses to handle new technologies to enhance their teaching. Then, their attitude towards OER will change and they will realise how their work will become interesting.

I believe that education is all about sharing . Therefore, it is of fundamental importance to get free access to open educational resources to democratize education as everywhere in the world irrespective of race, gender, culture and social status, everybody will get access to education . #OCL4Ed

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